About Balmoral

Located a little off the beaten path in Glastonbury eastern region, Balmoral lies at the the top of John Tom Hill, along Hebron Avenue (Rt. 94) approximately 8 miles from Main Street.  The development consist of 100 homes and is one of Glastonbury's largest premier neighborhoods. 

Balmoral property was originally farm land and the area reflects this with its sprinkling of apple and pear tress from the original orchards.  The hilly topography provides beautiful views of the surrounding area including the Hartford skyline. Development started in the early 1990s and helped usher in Glastonbury's major transformation from sleepy rural farm town to the premier town east of the river.

There is an active social program here at Balmoral that bring us together as a family of neighbors and friends. Social events range from  Easter Egg Hunt  or Halloween Party for the kids to a Neighborhood Block party or Cocktail Party for the adults.


The homeowners association is run by an Executive Board which is elected by the residents. The board oversees the affairs of the association including preparing an annual budget, paying for various expenses including utilities, snow removal and landscaping. 

The Executive Board currently includes:

President: Ted Augustinos
Vice-President: Greg Castanza
Treasurer: Kim Dalton
Secretary: Thom Gilday
ARB Chair: Abbey Foballe
Director: Ken Brown
Director: Chris Gathers



The ARB, as it is known, is responsible for maintaining the overall character and integrity of our neighborhood.  This includes ensuring that homes meet certain architectural guidelines including style and paint colors. As Balmoral is now completely built out, no new homes will be added so the board advises and oversees renovations such as additions, pools and landscaping.

Current ARB Members include:

Chairperson: Abbey Foballe
Member: Greg Castanza
Member: Cindy Prete
Member: Joanne Roser
Member:Phil Diamond
Member:Steve Powers